14 February 2009

Why Not Adopt?

A few years ago I had an argument with a poster regarding her irresponsible decision to produce children when there are so many waiting for adoption.

This woman's husband was unemployed and mentally ill. They were already living in poverty. By continuing to breed, she has all but guaranteed that her first children will not be able to afford the education that would lift them from this cycle of poverty. But OH SHE LOVES CHILDREN. Sure. Right. So much so that she's decided to overwhelm her budget by the overproduction of children.

This brings up a related problem. For those who love children SO MUCH, then why not adopt? This is a question the richer parents might wish to consider. If you can afford to feed, clothe, and send 6 or 7 kids to college, then why breed all 6 or 7? Why not adopt a few instead?

For Valentines Days The Odd Neighbor is asking the same question.


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